General Membership
a). Every person of Pakistani origin who is above the age of 16 years residing in New Zealand shall be eligible for the PANZ’s membership. Membership fee will be NZ $10 per year for an individual but may be varied by the Election Commission. The primary principle is the maximum inclusion of the community members. Membership fee may also be waived or changed time to time by the EC during its tenure. Membership must close 2 days prior to the elections, including the Presidential elections and the AB elections..
Every application for General Membership shall be forwarded to the Secretary General who, after consulting with the President, will approve or reject the application by giving a reason, subject to any direction issued from time to time under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908. In case the Association rejects the application, all sums accompanying the application shall be returned to the applicant and no further application from him shall be entertained for a period of three months from the date of such rejection. The membership fees are not returnable in case a member wants his/her name to be remove from the members list. c). Membership record: The EC shall maintain record of the provided details of every member, date of membership and date of expiry of membership, fee, subscription, donation or any other payment details, and shall draw a list of all registered members. d). Students Status: Students of Pakistan origin studying in New Zealand are eligible to vote subject to they have a visa for the full tenure of the elections for which they are voting for. d). HEC Students: Students funded by Pakistan Higher Education Commission are eligible to become General members provided HEC allows these students to participate in PANZ activities. Prior to any PANZ office elections, direction must be sought from the Pakistan High Commission in this regard to provide Govt of Pakistan and HEC official position. In case the HEC does not allow any such participation, the students will not be eligible to become General members. However, they can become Honorary Members. If students have completed their studies and or no longer subject to the HEC contract, they are allowed to become General members and exercise their voting rights.
Honorary Membership
Honorary MembershipAny person, whether from Pakistani Community or otherwise, who is in agreement with the objectives of PANZ will be eligible to become an Honorary Member of PANZ provided that an Honorary Member shall have no right to vote. An Honorary Member may, however, give suggestion(s) on all matters relating to the activities and operations of PANZ. Any member of the community can recommend a person for the honorary membership. The President should grant the membership on the application unless there are good reasons not to. Every application for membership shall be made by giving notice to the Association or by filling the online forms, accompanied by an admission fee as prescribed by PANZ from time to time. The President may waive the membership fee and can also grant honorary membership on its own accord where the membership assists the objective of PANZ. An honorary member is not eligible to contest the President or the AB elections..