Free Online Urdu Classes

Free Online Urdu Classes


Pakistan Association of New Zealand (PANZ) has now started Urdu classes for Community children taught by Mrs Sania Ashraf.

On Saturday 28 August, PANZ had its first  online Urdu class from 12 to 1pm and it was attended by 48 children. Children learned 10 Alphabets of Urdu language, with words starting from those alphabets, and children learned how to write their names in Urdu in their first session. Ms Ashraf taught children how to introduce themselves in Urdu and shared a short Urdu story which was very much enjoyed by the children, it was pleasing to see the children’s engagement. By the end of the session, children were classed into 3 groups according to their interest and level of Urdu understanding. First group was made for children who wanted to learn how to speak basic Urdu. Second group was made for children who wanted to learn how to read and write and third group was made for children who wanted help in writing.

We value children and their parents’ appreciation and post session feedback on the initiative of these interactive Urdu language classes. We thank children and their parents for showing their willingness and support for future classes. We also acknowledge Ms Sania Ashraf for volunteering the Tutor role.

Thank you community for your overwhelming response and appreciation. We endure to continue our efforts in assisting the community.

Shukria / Ngā mihi

Team #PANZ


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