Naveed Hamid

Naveed Hamid


Naveed Hamid is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in business and social enterprise leadership and management at the positions of increasing responsibility.

He is the current President of the Pakistan Association of New Zealand (PANZ) and one of the trustees of the Al-Falah Educational trust.

Pakistan Association of New Zealand (PANZ) is Pakistani community representative organization of over 10,000 Pakistanis living in Aotearoa. PANZ provides advocacy and various services to the Pakistani community and its stakeholders. PANZ has its representation throughout New Zealand in major regions and cities.

He has served PANZ as President in the past and has worked in various senior positions of responsibility. Naveed has successfully lead Pakistani community from the front and represented them from a united platform. Pakistani community is now recognised as one of the thriving and most respectable communities across New Zealand at various levels.

He has been able to work and present an example of a dynamic leadership in contemporary working and social environment. He embraces change and sets examples of change management for the diverse community through his leadership and innovation. A key part of Naveed’s responsibility is to have a finger on the pulse of the community when it comes to mental and psychological wellbeing of the community.

Naveed, as a community leader, is not only closely connected to the Pakistani community, he maintains effective relationship with wider growing ethnic communities’ diaspora and the stakeholders. He continuously focuses that every person regardless of their background has the ability to flourish and reach their fullest potential.

He is a family man and lives in East Auckland where he enjoys the diverse community life style and continues to explore the beautiful landscape of New Zealand during family get away.

Naveed believes on trust and cooperation to achieve common vision for an empowered social cohesion.”