Constitution of Pakistan Association Of New Zealand


(Rules & Bye-laws to provide for the establishment, organization and management of the society per provisions of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908)


1. The name of society is “Pakistan Association of New -Zealand Incorporated” hereinafter referred to as “PANZ”
2. The Registered office of the PANZ will be the given address of the PANZโ€™s President in office


The key objects of PANZ are:
1. Pakistan PANZ of New Zealand (PANZ) is a non-Profitable, non- political, non-religious community organization, promoting charitable purposes and activities.
2. To encourage, promote and provide for better interaction, understanding and unanimity among the people of Pakistan origin residing in New Zealand and other communities in New Zealand. To help Pakistani community members integrate into New Zealand by participating in social, cultural, sports and other similar activities.
3. To assist the community in general and people of Pakistan origin in particular through provision of advise, support and representation in their successful settlement in New Zealand, including but not limited to;
a). Providing Urdu language education for free.
b). Arranging career coaching seminars for free.
c). Arranging Pakistani National and cultural events i.e. Independence Day celebrations, Eid gatherings with open invitation to the Public etc.
d). Arranging events to bring awareness in the Public as to the Pakistani Urdu language.
e). To manage a scholarship fund where the individualโ€™s study, activities or research can enhance Urdu language and Pakistan culture and image in NZ society.
f). To establish youth and elderly fora to encourage and promote their wellbeing by arranging sports, social and cultural activities in cooperation with other communities.
g). To promote better communication and understanding between the people of Pakistani origin and the New Zealand Public Sector by providing free reading materials, publications and advice on public services.
h). To engage advisors for the free advice and provide physical premises for a library, especially books in Urdu language. To assist and represent community members where language is the barrier or the community members need assistance due to financial or physical constraints.
i). To educate and encourage awareness about Pakistan customs, languages, culture and values.
J). To take steps by personal or written appeal, public meetings, or through media or otherwise, as and when necessary to advance the charitable purposes above.
k). To streamline and grow the funding for PANZ in the form of grants, donations, contributions, subscriptions, fees and engage other sources of funding for the sole purpose of charity to the community. To take part or accept any honor, decoration, gifts, property or favors, whether or not subject to any trust, to fulfil objectives of PANZ.
l). To invest PANZ funds in a manner chartered in the Memorandum & Articles of PANZ, exclusively for the charitable purposes. Any income, benefit and advantage derived from the PANZ funds shall be used to advance the charitable purposes of PANZ. No member of PANZ, or anyone associated with a member, shall be allowed to take part in, or influence any decision made by PANZ in respect of payments to, or on behalf of, the member or associated person of any income, benefit, or advantage. Any payments made to a member of the PANZ, or person associated with a member, must be for goods or services that advance the charitable purpose and must be reasonable and relative to payments that would be made between unrelated parties.
m). To generate and collect emergency relief funds, including a funeral fund, in order to assist the members of the community who are in urgent need and cannot afford the emergency situation. Creating events for collection of donations for the emergency relief fund for the community
n). To promote social activities within the society insofar as this is ancillary to the charitable purpose above.
o). To coordinate and actively participate in the program(s) of other ethnic communities and organizations.
Note: The list is not exhaustive and may include any other charitable objective that is consistent with the constitution.