COVID-19 PANZ Initiative

COVID-19 PANZ Initiative


PANZ president Mr Naveed Hamid chaired the meeting. Other participants represented various parts of New Zealand. Covid-19 pandemic management committee (the Committee) was set-up during the meeting to formalise the Covid-19 pandemic plan. The attendees discussed various aspects of Covid-19 outbreak and its implication on Pakistan community in New Zealand.

The meeting concluded that four areas the Covid-19 pandemic plan should cover four areas:

• A national level database of Pakistan community in relation to Covid-19 pandemic
• Support services for the Pakistan community throughout New Zealand
• A reliable and authentic communication system for Pakistan community during all levels of alerts in New Zealand
• Emergency services where community members would need support and assistance, such as end of life care, deaths and burials and other similar emergency services

The meeting also concluded that PANZ would work alongside various other Pakistani associations, New Zealand Civil Defence and other government organisations in New Zealand during the pandemic period.

The Committee agreed that the plans would be completed within the next 48 hours. There will at least two emergency contact persons from each main city/region of New Zealand.

The details of the emergency contacts, Covid-19 pandemic plan and its rollout will be issued within the next 24 hours. In the meantime all inquiries can be directed to PANZ president Mr Naveed Hamid via email at or via phone 0800 908 001

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