About us

About PANZ

Welcome to the oldest registered Pakistani organization in New Zealand that has been serving the Pakistani kiwi community since 1989.

PANZ is a non-political and non-profit social organization established to sponsor social, civic, educational, literary, scientific, charitable and religious activities for the benefit of the Pakistani-Kiwi community in New Zealand.

PANZ strives to foster a more unified Pakistani community in New Zealand in which everyone is included regardless of affiliations or differences. PANZ also cooperates with local organizations from other communities.

PANZ recognizes that religious, political and cultural differences exist in a society and is working toward making New Zealand a place where diverse people come together to solve community problems and build bridges.

Now, PANZ is headed in a new direction under new, dynamic leadership. Our team is comprised of professionals from all walks of life who have excelled in their fields and bring a rich and diverse experience to the table.

We are working hard to revamp this organization and bring to you not only quality social events but also some much-needed services, especially for the needy and the underprivileged. It will take some time, but we will get there.

Please take a moment to browse through and familiarize yourself with the new PANZ.


To promote friendship and goodwill between the people of Pakistan and New Zealand.

To promote better communication, liaison and understanding between the association and government departments, local bodies, ethnic and cultural associations.

To promote and encourage members of the Pakistani community to be proud of their customs, language, culture and values.


  • Establish different wings – Professional, Student, Women etc.
  • Organize Sports and Recreational Programs
  • Establishment of Digital Library
  • Media Watch and Response Section – Community News Letter
  • Provide Pre-arrival/Post arrival Help & guidance
  • Talent Hunt
  • Establishment of “Jinnah Community Hall”
  • Urdu Reading and writing classes
  • Organize annual PAKKIWI professional conference


History of PANZ

PANZ idea was furbished by Dr. Moin Siddiqui who proposed to establish an organization which could represent Pakistani people living in New Zealand.

The association was registered on November 26, 1989.

Its founding members were Dr Moin Siddiqui, Dr Mobin Siddiqui, Dr Farhat Mahmood, Mohammad Tauqir Khan, Aftab Awan, Zeb Mohammad, Tahir Umar and Aziz Qazi.