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South East Asian Community Meeting


A non-political community focus meeting held on 11th November 2019 at Mahatma Gandhi Centre. Representatives from Southeast Asian countries, including Pakistan (PANZ), Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, and other southeast Asian countries participated in this meeting. The meeting was a first of its kind, a union where all countries from South East Asia came together on one platform and with common interests. The critical agenda on this meeting was negative comments against migrant communities made by Minister Shane Jones and new immigration policy affecting partnership category visas and parent category visas. PANZ President (Mr. Naveed Hamid) and Principal Advisor (Mr. Farrukh G Qaisrani) represented PANZ. PANZ recommended bringing the policy per the New Zealand Law. Some critical suggestions proposed by PANZ were;

1. Creation of an action committee including representatives from southeast Asian countries.
2. Highlighting the anomalies between the immigration policy and NZ Law on partnership visas (section 17 and s20 of the NZ BOR Act).
3. Cultural reports to be made a mandatory requirement and consideration (on the principles outlined in s27 of the Sentencing Act).
4. Parent visas to be subject to the threshold of average NZ income.
5. Parents made subject to medical insurance and zero benefit regime in case the income threshold is not met (to address political concerns).
6. A letter of protest to the Prime Minister and heads of political parties.

The meeting was concluded with the formation of five members’ action committees to meet with the Govt officials and table their concerns and proposals. PANZ Principle Advisor was requested by the attending leaders to be part of the five-member action committee and will now act in the advisory role on policy and legal matters. Community members are now welcome to forward their proposals relevant to the Partnership Category visa and Parents Category visa. Please send your proposals to;