As-salāmu ʿalaykum / Kia Ora

Dear Community Members

On behalf of PANZ, we would like to extend our heartiest wishes to the community on the beginning of the holy month of RAMADAN.


RAMADAN is a holy month in which Muslims around the globe reflect & renew their faith. Muslims honors each day of RAMADAN as a day of patient endurance during fasting and each night of gratitude through prayers. RAMADAN is also a month of giving. During this month, Muslims donate maximum charity and reach out to those afflicted by hunger, poverty, and diseases.
This RAMADAN will be different for Muslims as many will not able to attend a large congregation of prayers and shared meals at dawn & dusk due to Covid19. In New Zealand, we as a community need to be responsible citizens by helping the Government in tackling Covid19. The best way we can do this is by staying home, staying in our bubble, praying home, fasting home and celebrate home.

We also like request our compassionate community to please remember & pray for those who lost their precious lives during disastrous pandemic Covid19.
To all our Muslims in New Zealand & around the world, we send our warmest RAMADAN greetings. May this month of blessings be a time of contemplation and celebration.

Shukriya / Ngā mihi