Umar Khayam

Umar Khayam

Joint Secretary

With over 16 years of invaluable experience in the dynamic field of telecommunications, Umar Khayam, holding a B.E. in Telecommunications completed in 2005, has had the privilege of contributing expertise in various countries, including the Saudi Arabia, and Iran. Umar Khayam’s journey in the telecom industry has not only honed their technical skills but also cultivated a deep understanding of diverse cultures and business environments.

In addition to Umar Khayam’s telecom background, they have embraced a parallel career as a real estate salesperson with Barfoot and Thompson. This dual expertise has provided Umar Khayam with a unique perspective on property markets, enabling them to offer comprehensive solutions and insights to clients.

Umar Khayam’s commitment to excellence, coupled with their extensive knowledge, allows them to navigate the complexities of both the telecom and real estate sectors effectively. Umar Khayam looks forward to leveraging their skills and experiences to provide exceptional value to the Pakistani community in new Zealand.