Expression of interest” (EOI) formation of the election commission

Expression of interest” (EOI) formation of the election commission


Asalaam-o-Alaikum / Kia Ora
Respected Community Members,

Expression of interest (EOI)

Expression of interest” (EOI) formation of the election commission for the upcoming (Pakistan Association of New Zealand (PANZ) Elections 2023

Expression of interest is now sought from the community members for the (3 positions of the Election Commission).

The key criteria for a member of the Election Commission include, but are not limited to:
1. Must be living in New Zealand for more than 3 years.
2. Must be a resident or Citizen & of Pakistani origin.
3. Must not be standing for any position for which the elections are held.
4. Must not have a conflict of interest and be unbiased.
5. Must conduct voting both electronically and in person.

The last date for a file the expression of interest is 05/12/2022

The expression of interest could be conveyed to the Email:
The PANZ Executive Council will contact the suitable candidates and will announce the Election Commission. The Executive Council decision shall be final.
*Election Commission role requirements*
• Election commission is to hold a meeting with the PANZ Executive Council before announcing the election date.
• Run a membership campaign (voter List)
• criteria for candidates to be set out.
• Receive nominations and verify eligibility (this may involve direct interaction with the candidates).
• Check and verify voter(s) membership List.
• Prepare and forward relevant Election Commission (EC) messages to the Executive Council for postings on the Facebook page, including the Mission Statements of the candidates.
• To be available to reply in case an objection or concern is raised on the eligibility or partiality of the Election Commission member (this may involve direct interaction with the candidates); and
• Keep all records of the Election commission (EC) correspondence and made this available to the PANZ Executive Council.

Shukria / Ngā mihi,

Mohammad Arshad

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