Celebrating cultural diversity in west

Celebrating cultural diversity in west


PANZ has done a successful workshop with Hon Jenny Salesa, Minister for Ethnic Communities. This was hosted by Hon Carmel Sepuloni (MP for Kelston), Hon Phil Twyford (MP for Te Atatu) and Dr Deborah Russell (MP for New Lynn). During the workshop PANZ has addressed the issues and challenges faced by the community and how PANZ engagement with community organisation to have the intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject. PANZ has also offered to improvisation in order to explore aspects of the working relationship between the government and ethnically diverse Pakistani community.

PANZ President Mr. Naveed Hamid has suggested to Hon Jenny Salesa to allow local community organisation to be involved in the decision making, as these local bodies knows the community level issue, plus It will give affected communities the power to develop and lead their own projects alongside other Government initiatives

While talking to Ajaz Nusrat, PANZ General Secretary, James Little (Ministerial advisor) appreciated the ideas and suggestions given to him and have offered to have a one on one meeting with him and Hon Jenny Salesa to have better understanding about the projects which PANZ working on, Plus how he can assist PANZ in representing Pakistani community in public sector and in ethnic community engagement.

Mrs Farah Alvi appreciate the serious efforts of the government to initiate measures to engage Muslim women and Muslim community as a whole to participate and contribute in the peace and progress of the country. She addressed to Hon Jenny Salesa and said

As a leader of the women wing of PANZ, We would work to create opportunities and spaces for the women to come forward and join the hands of the society actively. In this regard, we will further work to introduce skills and technologies for the women to enhance their work capacity and dimensions. For this purpose, we need to know the relevant sectors and fields where we make our efforts.

James also committed to regular meetings with community leaders in the hope of strengthening the role and performance of the office as these conversations will be complemented by a series of interfaith dialogues that will bring together leaders from different faiths to discuss how we can work collectively to support an inclusive society.

PANZ believes these measures will help in creating a New Zealand we can all be proud of; and as a charitable organisation we are committed to providing certainty and ongoing support to all ethnically diverse communities.

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